Max VS Biped

I enjoy fighting animations the most and this was lots of fun to animate! 

It was quite nice switching from the two rigs while animating as well.

2D Spine Animation

This is my updated demo reel for 2016. Shows my work from Man on The Moon with Stink Digital for the John Lewis Christmas App 2015.

Also shows Spine boy at the end for more character animation

View Man on the Moon App on the Freelance page

Lego Animation

I really enjoyed animating this one, I tried to keep it static like an actual lego figure. 

Yuri!!! On Ice

I was in love with the anime when it came out and really wanted to try animating figure skating!

It was a huge challenge, and there are still areas I'd like to smooth out, but I am planning to do more to this video and add characters so for now its a W.I.P

Attack on Titan

I wanted a challenge and thought this would actually be impossible but quite happy with how it turned out

Naruto VS Sasuke Showdown

I did this 3 Years ago and was very happy with it. I'd love to go back and clean alot of bits up now to improve it, if I get the chance.

I used this video as reference Link.

Unfortunately the music was seen as copyright.