In 2013 I was offered my first Freelance job and since then I have acquired lots more. I've worked on Games, Apps and Animation Videos, and I am still looking for more!

Below is my work with Pink Kong Studios, Stink Digital, Splash Damage and my most recent industry work with Immersive VR Education on Titanic VR and then Big Pixel Studios on a Rick and Morty IP.

Currently looking for new opportunities.










Clone Rumble

Step into the ring and prove your Rickness! 
Collect clones and fight your way to the top!

A mobile game that only reached a Beta release

'Gameplay not mine'

Titanic VR 

Witness the sinking of RMS Titanic.  Titanic VR is an immersive educational interactive story and game

Cinematic story releases August 2018

For Vive and Oculus and non VR Display


3D Animator and hired by Pink Kong Studios to work with Variable State on their newest AAA Release Virginia. Released September 22nd 2016

Variable State


Man On The Moon

I worked alongside StinkDigital this year on their Adam and Eve Project to create 'The Man On The Moon' App that goes with the John Lewis Christmas Advert. I created about 80% of the In game animations and around 70% of the Augmented Reality Animations.

John Lewis



Element Animation Minecon 2015

I was given the oppertunity to help Element Animation with their opening video for Minecon 2015. 

I also helped them on Testificate Man The Movie

YouTube Channel


Twisted Polygons

3D character outsourcing studio of industry leading artists. I offer skinning services and animations by requests from our customers.

Visit our Website


NewLook Store of the Season

Most recently I was hired by Newlook who I work part time for to do some freelance work. 

I had to create a video for Store of the Season, everyone loved the final result and it was a great opportunity to show them my skills as an animator.

I also won this competition and earned my store £1000


Channel Frederator

My first YouTube partner in 2013 for my personal channel.
I only update my show reel on this channel now, but I learnt a lot for my new channel Sakura Media

Channel Frederator Link

My Youtube Channel