Sakura Media is a Channel I created in 2015. I create a lot of Fan made videos. In June 2017 i uploaded Lovesick Ep1 and the channel has really grown since then. I would love to work on my own series full time one day so It's great to have this going in my spare time.

Sakura Media


Lovesick was such a hit, I got over 10K subs in a month!

So I created a Patreon in hopes to do this fulltime.

Update: Now at 20K


Lovesick is based on a game currently in production, Yandere Simulator. Its about a girl falls in love with her senpai and will do anything to remove her rivals in love.


Not for the faint of heart ;)

Spine Tutorial Part One

My first tutorial, I explain my process though taking an image from Photoshop to rigging, skinning and finally animating in Spine.

Part two - Animation

3D.N.Angel Animation Series

D.N.ANGEL Manga recreated as an animation.

I created two episodes for this series, its currently on hiatus while I work on Lovesick as that is more popular.

Episode Two